Walking Tour

Kuromon Market (黑門市場)

Walking Tour

Kuromon Market (黑門市場)

We have arranged a Walking Tour which takes you to the Kuromon Market.

The Kuromon Market is a busy place that prospered as the center of “nation’s kitchen” for many years. Kuromon, which literally means “black gate,” was originally a fish market that opened around 1822 (and was approved as an official market in 1902). Over 150 shops line the streets of the Kuromon Market, selling everything from fresh fish, produce, meats, to kimonos and household goods. Through word of mouth, the market has become known not only within Japan but also throughout the world as the place to meet real Osaka merchants; and it is now a prime tourist spot for overseas travelers to Japan.

This tour is free and please just meet us at outside of exit no. 10 of Osaka Metro Nipponbashi Station (S17) of Sennichimae subway line, at 9:30, on January 15, 2020!!!

Meeting Time:

09:30, January 15, 2020


Meeting Place:

outside of exit no. 10 of Nipponbashi Station (S17) of Sennichimae subway line!!!

This is a link to the Nipponbashi Station Station: https://reurl.cc/VaZazy

Map of Osaka Metro

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Kuromon Market

Address: 2-4-1 Nipponbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
**  Right outside exit 10 at Nipponbashi Station (S17) of Sennichimae subway line.